Shots Fired on Campus (Evaluation Copy)

Dr. Jenni Hesterman
over 1 year agoJune 20, 2016
Outstanding video, we need this to get out to the public soonest! In terms of hostages  - with ISIS sympathists and other radicalized terrorists, hostages are really "doomed captives." As shown in both the Bataclan theater and Orlando club, they have nothing to negotiate for.  The "negotiation" phone calls are merely a way for the shooter to get their message out and have a feeling of power over law enforcement as they drag out the inevitable and kill more people. There are no happy endings for these people. Therefore, hostages of terrorists may want to take more committed action to overpower bad actors instead of waiting for rescue. Orlando club, 300 people, 1 shooter - would have been easy to take him out with a committed response like the one you outline in your video with chairs, tables, fire extinguishers, anything. Again, thanks for putting this outstanding, much needed product together!
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